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“Let dancing become a part of your life” Lewiston Dance and Grand Island Dance Center’s offer the following classes for children and adults. Our courses are designed to increase pleasure in dancing and to develop grace, poise, rhythm, creativity and confidence. Remember, dancers are athletic and like athletes they utilize the mind, body and creative expression. Dancing reinforces life long poise, discipline and an increased level of physical fitness. Besides that, dancing is fun!

Types of Dance

Toddler Class (Ages 2-3)
This class is geared specifically for the very young child. The activities will include singing, rhythms, following direction, socialization and coordination. The exercises are designed to help these very young students with gross motor skills and an increased attention span.

Pre-Ballet Class (Ages 3-5)
This class is geared specifically for the young pre-school child. The activities will include developing rhythms, hopping, skipping, jumping, directions and an overall improvement in motor skills and social skills. Ballet steps and terminology is used. Having fun in a structured and safe environment is a great way to learn!

Ballet Classes
Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique, and therefore highly recommended for all dance students. Ballet promotes correct posture, body placement, grace, poise and turnout. We incorporate terminology and combinations for strength and flexibility.

Tap Classes
Tap is a technique that incorporates the essentials of rhythm and timing. Terminology is stressed as well as footwork and of course, style!

Jazz Classes
Jazz classes move at a fast pace to help increase coordination, stretch and flexibility. An emphasis is put on learning proper technique and terminology. It is exciting and creates a dynamic interest for Dancers ages 7 and up.

Lyrical Dance uses movement to express emotion and interpret music. It is a strong technique based type of dance. The concentration in Lyrical will be on fluid movements paired with advanced jumps and turns. The student will learn to “feel the music”, by using emotions with the dance steps. This is an advanced study.

Modern Classes
Modern Dance with an emphasis on turns, jumps and floor work. Modern Dance helps the student to interpret music through movement. This class strengthens the body and puts stress on the torso employing elements such as contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation. It is usually performed in bare feet..

Hip-Hop / Mini Hip-Hop Classes
Hip-Hop is available for students 6 years old and up. This is one of the newest styles of dance today, offering a great workout, as well as the latest steps and different styles.

Musical Theater focuses on expanding the student's experience in dance, acting and singing. This Broadway based class will help your child become more confident by nurturing artistic elements, discipline and personal growth.

Acro teaches the students basic tumbling up to advanced gymnastic tricks. The acro moves are then put into a routine set to music with a jazz type base.

Competition Classes (Ages 8 and up)
Classes are designed specifically for dancers to go to competitions. If your child is invited to audition for a competition class, they must pass the audition process in order to be in the class. Regular tuition fees apply to comp classes, but, there are added competition entry fees and jacket fees.